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Weekend Recap Report - September 10, 2023

Constructive Critique for Artists (and Collectors)

Coping Strategies for Artists

The Artist's Distribution Framework

The Speed of Art, Memes, and Value in Web3

Weekly Recap Report - September 2, 2023

Low Effort Art and the Fallacy of Sunk Costs

Art in the Age of Commercialism

Network Effects for Artists

Empathy in the Age of Web3

Weekly Recap Report - August 26, 2023

The Lost Art of Drawing

Art as a Commodity

Artist Royalties in the Age of NFTs and Web3

13 Ways Digital Artists Can Transform Their Business with a Hospitality Mindset

Weekly Recap Report - August 19, 2023

What It Takes to Make a Great Artwork

The Power of Intention in Art

Decentralization in the Web3 Art World

Why Everyone in Tech Should Read 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'

Adapting to the 𝕏 Algorithm Changes

The Art of Copyright

Beyond the Echo Chamber

The Art of Appreciation

Having Multiple Interests Isn't a Setback

The Art of Remixing

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