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Yeli on Photography, the Bored Apes, and Trash Art
Yeli on Photography, the Bored Apes, and Trash Art

When she was six years old, Yeli moved from the island of Puerto Rico to the United States.

Back then, her goals were clear: She wanted to learn English, figure out who she was –pretty deep territory for a six years old–, and understand her new environment.

Today, she is a digital artist at Playform.

We had a truly great time talking about her favorite books, her work in the NFT world, her latest digital art series, and her investment in the Bored Apes.

We also discussed her photography, trash art, and the metaverse.

Want to learn more about Yeli and her art?

Tune in now!

Key Points Discussed

Meet 6-year old Yeli (01:30)

Yeli’s book addiction (06:37)

From hospitality to trash art (19:47)

The artistic journey (28:02)

All about inspiration (40:17)

Yeli’s latest project (46:37)

Yeli and the Bored Apes (54:20)

In between two worlds (01:00:48)

About the metaverse (01:17:47)

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Learn more about Yeli’s work here and connect with her on Twitter here.

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