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Shaolin Shoppe on Vaporwave, Crypto Art, and the Best Kung-Fu Movie Ever
Shaolin Shoppe on Vaporwave, Crypto Art, and the Best Kung-Fu Movie Ever

Shaolin Shoppe is a crypto artist, bass player, and one of the OGs in the trash art space. He got into crypto art before it was cool, spending only 3$ to mint his first NFT. Shaolin’s style is influenced by vaporwave, trash art, and glitch.

Today we discuss his art background, the future of NFTs, what makes crypto better than fiat, and why cities are overrated. Shaolin also shares his favorite kung-fu movie, plays bass, and shares valuable advice for NFT newcomers.

Tune in to find out what the NFT scene looked like way back in 2018 and what’s next for Shaolin Shoppe.

Key points discussed

  • If Shaolin didn’t become a crypto artist, he’d be a cowboy (00:00)

  • The coolest bass lines in the history of music (09:48)

  • How Shaolin creates music and why he has more bass guitars than he needs (13:13)

  • Shaolin’s art background and the best kung-fu movies (22:35)

  • What’s an NFD and what’s Shaolin’s tongue-in-cheek statement behind it (31:35)

  • Shaolin’s crypto art aesthetic and the most exciting collaborations (37:08)

  • What’s next for Shaolin and the crypto art world (45:04)

  • Who are Shaolin’s biggest collectors and how to get involved in the community (50:44)

  • How Shaolin got into NFT and the case for spending crypto in the real world (01:00:15)

  • Advice for NFT newcomers: You got to play the game (01:09:23)

Additional Resources

Follow Shaolin’s Twitter and get his art on here and get his art at MyBAE.

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