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Rob Prior on NFTs, Working With DC and Marvel and Doing Shows With Tech N9ne
Rob Prior on NFTs, Working With DC and Marvel and Doing Shows With Tech N9ne

Rob Prior is an extremely versatile artist. He’s an illustrator, screenwriter, director, and storyboard artist, among many other things. His career spans over three decades in comics, television, film, and gaming.

Should I go through his resume? Fine, if you insist.

In the comic book industry, Rob has worked with all of the heavy-hitters: Marvel, D.C., Image Comics, and Todd McFarlane, among others. In TV and Film, his most notable works include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Terminator, Deep Space 9, and Game of Thrones.

And let’s not forget about his work in the gaming industry, Titleist and 2K. As an illustrator, his work can be seen on many tabletop adventures, including Dungeons and Dragons, Wizards of the Coasts, Battle Lords of the 23rd Century, and many others.

Yes, Rob has a ton of nerd cred; however, that’s not what most people know him for.

He’s mainly known for live paintings. Rob has been a staple of the Comic-Con scene for years. It’s easy to find Rob at a convention. Just look for a large crowd of people watching a man in trans, painting with both hands - sometimes with his eyes closed.

The two of us discuss how Rob started his career at a very young age, how it is to paint with two hands, live shows with Tech N9ne, and of course, the NFT space.

Key points discussed

  • Introduction (00:00)

  • What would 8-year-old Rob think about himself today (01:15)

  • Art training at an early age and working professionally at the age of 13 (04:32)

  • Value of college, networking, and doing short films with his son (08:52)

  • Learning through failure and the culture of success (14:50)

  • Being ambidextrous, working on stage, and painting with eyes closed (17:40)

  • The role pop culture plays in Rob’s work and his favorite thing to paint (24:30)

  • Working with Tech N9ne on stage and videos for A Day to Remember (26:48)

  • Giant Britney Spears mural working on Dungeons and Dragons, and directing (31:21)

  • Constantly learning, writer’s block, and working on five things simultaneously (34:53)

  • Working in the NFT space, copyright and IP, and proof of origin (36:41)

  • Understanding NFTs, experimenting, and being labeled as a performance artist (41:47)

  • Painting with loud music, having apprentices, and (45:47)

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