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Reviiser on Blue Collar Jobs, Temporary Paintings, and the Trash Art Movement
Reviiser on Blue Collar Jobs, Temporary Paintings, and the Trash Art Movement

Dave Estes, also known as Reviiser is a musician, illustrator, and crypto artist.

At an early age, Dave had artistic ambitions. He went to an art college, but he dropped out before graduating. After spending a few years working as a lineman – one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America – and doing art on the side, he decided it was time for a change.

That’s when he discovered crypto art.

Since 2018, Dave has worked on a ton of different pieces. However, his most interesting work is the “temporary paintings” series, in which he paints a picture every day, using the same canvas, only to erase it immediately. He’s been doing this for over a year.

Join our conversation as we discuss how he managed to redirect his life back to arts, how the surrealist movement inspires him on an ideological level and his temporary paintings.

Key points discussed

- Introduction (00:00)
- What was 10-year-old Dave like and was art part of his background (01:22)
- Parent support and dropping out of art college (05:13)
- Working as a lineman, taking care of the family, and having art as an outlet (09:55)
- Tinkering, 3D printing, and designing his own cyber-deck (15:31)
- Being a life-long learner and studying art in high school vs. college (20:39)
- Finding an audience, not following rules, Dave’s PixelArt story (27:23)
- The idea behind Dave’s temporary paintings and will he ever mint them (35:29)
- Dave’s favorite pieces that he wiped away (43:21)
- What’s Dave working outside his temporary paintings (48:19)
- The concept of practicing in public, podcasting, and the effects of COVID-19 (54:55)
- Being inspired by the surrealist movement on an ideological level (01:02:33)
- Discovering trash art, the idea of crypto art, and decentralized art space (01:07:34)
- Dave’s plans for this year (01:13:20)

Additional Resources

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