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Peter Bowles on the Foundation of NFT Arts, His PR Career, and AR/VR in Crypto
Peter Bowles on the Foundation of NFT Arts, His PR Career, and AR/VR in Crypto

Peter Bowles is a seasoned PR specialist, an early adopter of online marketing, a pioneer of viral marketing, and the founder of NFT Arts.

From setting up an account for the youngest blogger in the world to creating a Bitcoin college foundation for a baby, Peter Bowles is known for his PR stunts. He was one of the early adopters of online marketing and he managed to create several viral campaigns, beginning in the early-2000s.

Peter likes to be early on stuff, so it’s no wonder that he already dipped his toes into the ocean that’s crypto art.

While most people would just open a crypto exchange, Peter’s plans are much more ambitious. He wants to open a gallery. An NFT gallery. One that would show the people what NFTs are. A platform that would allow Joe Average to dive into the world of crypto art.

Peter is currently building a VR gallery, but they also have a plan of opening a physical gallery. Join us, as we discuss the early days of the Internet, the importance of mental health, and his experience with the Woz and the RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Key points discussed

  • Introduction      (00:00)

  • What’s NFT Arts, how it works, and museum experiences (02:01)

  • How NFT Arts bridges the gap between crypto and traditional gallery models (09:15)

  • Peter’s upbringing and who he was at 20 years old (15:22)

  • PR work in the last two decades, Kickstarter campaigns, and bootstrapping (22:53)

  • Why Peter took a 6-month absence, mental health, and Steve Wozniak story (31:31)

  • What’s Peter’s ultimate goal with the NFT Arts gallery (38:55)

  • The NFT community, minting podcasts, and meeting NFT artists in person (45:08)

  • Being in touch with the Woz and the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan (52:27)

  • What kind of art is featured on NFT Arts and gallery tour guides (58:51)

  • AR, VR, and the experiential aspect of NFT art (01:05:41)

  • Verification in crypto art, secret NFTs, and sharing the creative process (01:11:52)

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