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Olive Allen on Her Education, Saving Manhattan, and Being a Crypto Art Pioneer
Olive Allen on Her Education, Saving Manhattan, and Being a Crypto Art Pioneer

Olive Allen is a New York-based visual artist. She’s a true pioneer of the crypto art movement has been a part of the NFT space since its inception in 2018.

Not only was Olive one of the first artists in the crypto art space, but she played a role in shaping the entire movement. She’s also one of the most diverse crypto artists working today.

She has her No One’s Available, Everyone’s Busy series on Open Sea, Hallowcracy on Async Art, while her CoinDesk Most Influential portrait of Charles Cascarilla has been auctioned off on Nifty Gateway. And that’s only a small chunk of her work.

I had the pleasure of talking with Olive for an hour straight. We talk about her background in design, flipping Supreme on eBay, her short-lived acting career, and marketing on crypto art platforms, among other things.

Key points discussed

- Introduction (00:00)

- What would a 7-year-old Olive Allen think of herself now (01:22)

- How being a “know-it-all” helped Olive in the entrepreneurial world (04:32)

- Doing design work, flipping Supreme on eBay, and programming bots (06:58)

- Olive’s education, studying architecture and majoring in industrial design (12:38)

- How to save Manhattan from being flooded when the ocean levels rise (15:57)

- Being passionate about the environment and saving polar bears and koalas (18:21)

- How crypto impacts the environment and Ethereum 2.0 (20:52)

- Living in New York for 10 years, being antisocial in a big city (23:50)

- The crypto art movement and NFTs actually are (28:00)

- What crypto art platforms is Olive Allen currently using (31:59)

- How success stories like FEWOCiOUS are not the norm in crypto art (37:18)

- Fractionalizing your work, limited edition prints, and new platforms (40:46)

- People not understanding crypto art and not believing in NFTs (46:16)

- Is Olive actually banned from SuperRare (52:02)

- What’s Olive Ellen working on and what she got planned (55:05)

Additional Resources

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