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Judy Lindsay on NFT Photography, Mental Health, and Bringing Music into NFT Space
Judy Lindsay on NFT Photography, Mental Health, and Bringing Music into NFT Space

GIFs. Poems. Tweets. Burnt Banksy prints. Anything can be turned into an NFT. The NFT space has helped traditional artists crossover into the digital world and make millions. However, one group of artists is still lagging: photographers.

But artists like Judy Lindsey are making an effort to change all of that.

Looking at it from a commercial perspective, NFT and photography are a match made in heaven. For years, digital photographers have had difficulties selling their work due to the number of photographers and protecting their intellectual rights.

NFTs can solve all of these problems. They provide a perfect opportunity for photographers to make a hefty sum just from selling a single photo. Just ask Kate Woodman, who recently sold her “Always Coca Cola” image for more than $20,000.

A photographer like Judy can now make a comfortable living selling minted photos.

Of course, that’s not the only thing about. Judy has struggled with mental issues all of her life, so the pandemic was especially rough on her. But NFTs kept her going.

Judy and I talk about how art has saved our lives, her love for horses, her radio career, how she helped her brother transition into the NFT space, and everything in between.

Key points discussed

  • Introduction (00:00)

  • How the NFT photography community started (01:53)

  • Judy’s mindset of loving-kindness, her soulmate horse, and mental health (08:16)

  • Who was Judy at 12 years old, artistic upbringing, and living with anxiety (19:37)

  • How anxiety affects Judy’s art, working with BLM, and receiving death threats (28:57)

  • Art education, being a gifted child, and helping her brother transition into NFT (34:08)

  • Judy’s radio show, Spotify playlists, and bringing music into the NFT space (43:39)

  • Foundation fee, the flexibility of Open Sea, and BLVD ST (49:23)

Additional Resources

If you want to stay updated on Judy’s work, you can follow her on Twitter. You can also follow the NFT Photo Art as well. To see her work, check her out on Open Sea and Foundation. Last but not least, check out Judy’s radio show on KBCS 91.3.

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