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Hosting a NFT Podcast, Teaching Math, and Being a Crypto Artist With Darren Kleine
Hosting a NFT Podcast, Teaching Math, and Being a Crypto Artist With Darren Kleine

Darren Kleine began exploring the Blockchain some five years ago. Initially, he was making some extra cash as a ghostwriter for various marketing companies. He eventually wound up on Cointelegraph, working as a freelance writer.

Through Cointelegraph, Darren met several figures that introduced him to the world of crypto art. It didn’t take long for him to try his hand at it.

As DKleine he posts his work on SHOWTIME, KnownOrigin, and Hic Et Nunc. He’s mainly known for his zombie art. Political zombies. Crypto zombies. Pokémon zombies.

You name it, Darren has done it.

He also hosts the NFP With DKleine podcast, where he interviews crypto artists and investors. If I remember correctly, I was one of his first guests.

So much so that the guest appearance motivated me to start the podcast you’re listening to today.

Key points discussed

  • What would Darren at the age 11 think of himself today (01:55)

  • Zombies, comic books, and writing in high school (05:56)

  • Transition from teaching art to artist and being a math teacher (09:34)

  • Getting into crypto art, podcasting, and the remixing “Bitcoin Bitch” (14:25)

  • Washington Post on NFTs, NFT journalism, and podcasting vs. doing art (21:21)

  • Playing poker, doing math, and ROI collectors in the NFT space (28:32)

  • Digital abstract art and being known for a specific style  (35:43)

  • Card games, predicting the success of crypto, and learning the blockchain (43:03)

  • The Guild, connecting emotionally with artists, and writing process (51:06)

  • Twitter arguments, mental problems, and being a dog owner (58:05)

  • Doing art every day, creating NFTs, and importance of buying art (01:07:29)

  • Pricing art in crypto and minting on Flowchain/Waxchain (01:15:06)

  • Charged Particles and NFT in 10 years (01:30:22)

  • Interviewing people in crypto art, Gary Vee, and art criticism (01:39:20)

  • Celebrities in the NFT space, free market, and becoming an investor (01:46:07)

  • Separating art from the artists, podcast monetization, and writing quickly (01:54:33)

  • Planning your work, being spontaneous, and Darren’s art process (02:02:33)

  • Coping mechanisms, job security, and doing crypto art for a living (02:09:35)

  • Advertising for an art audience, picking guests, and trolling Disney (02:20:28)

  • Investing in meme coins, improving Ethereum, and retirement plans (02:32:15)

  • Closing thoughts (02:41:20)

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