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Gary Cartlidge on His Journey from Extreme Sports to Crypto Art
Gary Cartlidge on His Journey from Extreme Sports to Crypto Art

Gary Cartlidge is a UK graphic designer, illustrator, and crypto artist. Also, he’s a very good friend of mine. I’ve been a fan of Gary’s work for years. He’s the only artist that would make me consider buying something off Nifty Gateway.

How to describe Gary’s work? Well, it’s chaotic. In a good way. Sometimes minimal. Other times maximal. Lots of his work uses digital elements, bright colors, and bold lines. His style varies from piece to piece but you can always recognize that it’s his work.

That’s why I love him.

We talk about everything from being an extreme sports athlete in his early days to the impact the Internet had on his art. Keep in mind that we haven’t spoken in 6 months, so our conversation goes in many directions over 75 minutes.

Key points discussed

- Introduction (00:00)

- What would 12-year-old Gary think of himself today (02:34)

- How Gary’s transition from extreme sports to the next phase of his life (06:51)

- Studying the psychology of extreme sports athlete (09:55)

- Being a lifelong learner and possibly going back to college (15:05)

- Gary’s experience with gaming and how it made him feel disconnected (18:32)

- Major themes in Gary’s art and why are they important to him (23:17)

- How the Internet can create a false sense of community (26:58)

- People in the Crypto Art community thrive on living rather than surviving (33:00)

- How would the people react to COVID-19 in the 60s and 70s (38:27)

- Crypto art platforms and being ahead of the curve (44:08)

- NFT as a music file format and its potential lifespan (48:12)

- Using Tezos as a way to onboard into the NFT space (52:17)

- The difference between creating content and art (58:53)

- Nifty Gateway and Gary’s experience with the platform (01:03:00)

- How Rarible helped the Crypto Art community (01:08:47)

- Crypto artists moving from Western to Asian countries (01:11:55)

Additional Resources

To see Gary’s art, make sure to check him out on Super Rare. If you want to see some of his old work, follow him on Instagram. For updates, you should also follow him on Twitter.

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