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Blake Jamieson on Using His Marketing Expertise to Jumpstart His Art Career
Blake Jamieson on Using His Marketing Expertise to Jumpstart His Art Career

Blake Jamieson is an NFT artist hailing from NY. He’s well-known for his pop art portraits of famous sports figures. He’s made paintings for celebrities like Joe Montana, Howie Mandel, Drew Brees, and over 400 NFL, MLS, and NBA athletes.

How he got here? Well, let’s just say his success story isn’t all that traditional. Despite being passionate about art since an early age, he studied economics and worked as a marketer. 

On his 30th birthday, he decided to quit his job, pack his bags, and go to Spain. After spending some time in Barcelona, he rediscovered his passion for art and became a painter. He’s been at it ever since.

We talk about everything from the time he spent in Barcelona and his roots in marketing to how former MLB player Micah Johnson introduced him to NFTs and his team up with Terrell Owens.

Key points discussed

- What would 8-9-year-old Blake think of Blake Jamieson today (02:25)

- How studying economics and working in marketing helped Blake’s art (04:25)

- Time spent in Barcelona and how much steer art affected Blake’s style (07:18)

- Blake’s family, upbringing, and growing up in an artistic household (12:00)

- Why did Blake move from his family farm to Brooklyn (21:03)

- The sports art market, marketing your art, and the importance of networking (25:11)

- How did Blake end up doing more than 400 paintings for NFL players (28:36)

- Licensing deal with Tops and how the collaboration started (34:54)

- The NBC interview that leads to a friendship with Mark McGuire (40:13)

- Micah Johnson and Blake’s introduction to the NFT space (44:42)

- Working with Terrell Owens, crowdsourcing NFT art, and popcorn sales (50:25)

- The number of new people in the NFT space (01:00:26)


Additional Resources

You can visit Blake’s websites by clicking here and here. Connect with him on LinkedIn. Check his art out on Instagram. Get in touch with him on Twitter. And subscribe to Blake’s YouTube channel for his weekly streams.

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