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Ben Horning on Co-Funding BB Studios, Bar Spot Startup, and the Harmony and Discord Project
Ben Horning on Co-Funding BB Studios, Bar Spot Startup, and the Harmony and Discord Project

Ben Horning is a computer scientist, entrepreneur, and NFT enthusiast. He’s the co-founder of BB Studios, an NFT art guild that promotes a wide range of different crypto artists and provides Web3 services to users.

Now, it’s worth pointing out that from the get-go, Ben was looking for ways to monetize his efforts in the NFT space. Ben is a businessperson, after all.

He’s pretty transparent about it. However, one thing that sets him apart from your average investor is that he’s also looking to help as many artists as possible along the way.

His motto is “artists and styles first.”

In less than a year, Ben and his team were able to create an active community that promotes new crypto artists, previews their work in the BB Studio Decentraland gallery, and

They’ve also collaborated with more than 40 artists on projects like Crybecats, Cyberdogs, Heroes and Villains, and Life’s Fire, Death’s Ice. BB Studios also owns some of the finest AR locations out there, which you can see on their website.

Listen as Ben and I discuss his perspective on money as a teen, his failed startup venture, as well as his Harmony and Discord project he’s been working on.

Key points discussed

  • What would 12-year-old Ben Horning think of himself today (02:03)

  • Materialism, owning things vs. having experiences, and collecting (04:57)

  • Ben’s life before NFTs and his failed startup Bar Spot (07:47)

  • Learning from mistakes, bootstrapping, and celebrity investments (15:40)

  • Why it’s so hard to stay up-to-date in the NFT space (21:27)

  • Bitcoin becoming a corporate asset, Dogecoin, and investing in yourself (26:17)

  • How Ben met Big Daddy, building NFT galleries, and future of VR (32:12)

  • What’s going on with BB Studios and his Harmony and Discord project (39:29)

  • Early investments in Tezos, Ethereum gas fees, and NFT side-chains (45:47)

  • Eric being responsible for the NFT bubble not popping harder (53:36)

  • What’s the BB Studios Guild and what their projects are (57:31)

  • Gamifying the NFT space and microeconomics  (01:05:54)

  • The Heroes vs. Villains project, Tesla vs. Edison, and marketing (01:09:41)

  • Having a former Simpsons artist update the BB Studios website (01:13:40)

  • Urge to create art, NFT monetization, and  BB Studios’ Artist Hour (01:16:06)

  • Celebrities buying NFTs, collecting, and remixing CryptoPunks (01:23:23)

  • Future of BB Studios, curating Twitter and combining digital with physical (01:27:55)

  • What’s Ben focusing on with the Artist Hour (01:32:47)

Additional Resources

You can get in touch with Ben Horning through email. Make sure to visit the new BB Studios website. To stay updated on all things BB Studio, follow them on Twitter.

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