Eric P. Rhodes

Artist & Technologist

Selfie of Eric P. Rhodes


The minimalist and somewhat casual content-first design of this site is inspired by Olia Lialina's article where she coined the Prof. Dr. Style.

There were slight design modifications made for readability purposes. For example, I set the max-width to 800px. Given that the most popular screen resolution at the time was 800x600 it stays true to the Prof. Dr. Style.

The site's title "Homepage of Eric P. Rhodes" and content elements like "Links of Interest" and "Miscellaneous Stuff" are an homage to this simple and somewhat casual content-first version of 1990's webs design.

The site's favicon is the original logo I used for Second Realm when I launched my psuedonymous art career in Web3. It was hand-drawn by me in 2004.

The source code of this website is released under the GNU General Public License v3.0.