Eric P. Rhodes

Artist, Designer & Technologist

Unofficial Punks of Eric P. Rhodes

I'm an artist who uses technology as a dynamic medium to explore the complexities of emotions, relationships, identity, and the essence of being human in an increasingly digital world. Connect with me on X and Farcaster.

Things I've Been Working On

More About Me

Since 2019, I've been integrating Web3 technologies like NFTs, AI, blockchains, and crypto into my art practice. Prior to that, I was an experience designer with tech titans like Twitter and Google. I earned a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Rutgers University in the social sciences, with extended studies in Visual Arts. I also earned a degree in Computer Science. I live in New Jersey with my rescued Labrador-Samoyed mix dog, Bailey.

Artist Statement

Art, for me, is a profound tool of personal exploration and expression. It allows me to dive into the depths of my inner world, articulating emotions and experiences that words often fail to capture. My artistic journey's inherently intrinsic and reactive, focusing on the organic evolution of my creative process rather than a deliberate, extrinsic practice.

From a young age, I've been intuitively drawn to the psychological aspects of art. It's always been more than just a practice; it's a form of self-therapy, helping me navigate and make sense of life’s complexities. This approach has allowed me to use art as a reflective mirror, amplifying my understanding of the world and my place within it.

My philosophy, “life amplified by art,” encapsulates how deeply intertwined art is with my existence. It enriches and enhances every experience, serving as a constant companion in my journey of self-discovery. While art's central to my identity, I also see the potential for interdisciplinary integration. My recent academic pursuits in the social sciences open new avenues for exploring the intersection of psychology, anthropology, economics, and creative expression.

As I continue to evolve, I embrace the natural progression of my art alongside my academic endeavors. This dual path allows both aspects of my life to inform and enrich each other, creating a unique and meaningful platform. Through this holistic approach, I strive to build a bridge between personal introspection and broader societal themes, inviting viewers to join me in this exploration.