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I'm an award-winning, tech-forward artist working at the forefront of Web3 since 2019. Before diving into Web3, I operataionalized service design and customer experience (CX) design strategies with tech titans like Twitter and Google. I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) from Rutgers University, with extended studies in Visual Arts. I also hold an associate's degree in Computer Science. I live in New Jersey with my rescued Labrador-Samoyed mix dog, Bailey.

Art + Tech:

In 2021, under the pseudonym Second Realm, I launched the iconic Unofficial Punks collection. This collection stands as a pioneering force, acting as the "progenitor of a sprawling decentralized art movement" – the Altpunks! The Unofficial Punks revolutionized the concept of using CryptoPunks as a template for personal expression and aesthetic exploration. Since then, Altpunks have become the go-to proof of concept for hundreds of artists, projects, and blockchains to showcase their digital collectible capabilities.

Prior to the Unofficial Punks, I was a key figure in the Trash Art movement. Renowned for pushing the boundaries of intellectual property (IP) and digital ownership, we challenged curatorial practices and fought against art censorship. The movement made significant progress; as a result, remixing and derivatives are now ubiquitous in Web3, often serving as a major indicator of cultural awareness.


Recently, I've been reflecting on how technourishment and zombie futurism have shaped my artistic identity in an era of increased hypeflation, velocity, and technological advancement. My aim is to use this time to embrace authenticity and make things that stay true to my artistic soul.


Each Monday, on the Rising Tide podcast, we dive into hot topics in crypto culture. It's where DKleine and I talk about innovators, artists, and ongoing developments in the industry.

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