"[Eric] has Glenn Gould's fingers --- on the keyboard, he's a master. And, as a bonus, he's tart and funny; if he's having a tough day, that's his secret." - Jesse Kornbluth, Editor of Headbutler.com

Hello! My name is Eric P. Rhodes.

I'm a hybrid designer working at the intersection of user-centered design and customer experience with a background in visual design and marketing. A problem solver who believes in creating simple, intuitive user experience design solutions. I've worked with influential brands like Google, HarperCollins, Major League Baseball, and #1 New York Times bestselling authors.

How I work.

I work best in a collaborative environment with other creative people on small multi-disciplinary teams. The team I work with is inspiring and the company's culture promotes pushing the boundaries of what's capable while having fun doing it.

What makes me different?

Drawing is the fundamental way by which I engage with the world. Software and tools are great for refining ideas and prototyping, but if someone can't draw, they find pre-existing material to demonstrate their ideas. Clearly, this "inside the box" approach is not the best way to start when designing solutions for "outside of the box" companies, services, products, and users. I'm an outside of the box doer.

Say hello!

Email: ✉ ericprhodes@gmail.com
LinkedIn: in/ericprhodes
Phone: ✆ (408) 597-2027