A designer with a background in SERVICE DESIGN, UX DESIGN, and Customer experience.


Google Hardware

Service Designer, Customer Experience

TASK: Advocate for a customer-centered experience across google hardware products and it's related software and services.

SOLUTION: Develop design thinking workshops for product teams that provide tools, artifacts, and assets to move forward with customer-centered initiatives and programs.

ROLE: design thinking, customer experience strategy, journey mapping, and consumer technology

đź”’ - work examples currently under non-disclosure agreements


Project Ara's modular computing platform allowed devices to be customized for style and function. Choose your high-res camera, add a louder speaker, swap in a better battery. Imagine the possibilities.

Google ATAP

UX Designer, Customer Experience

TASK: Visualize the end-to-end omnichannel customer experience and out-of-box experience for Project Ara’s Customer Care Team in Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division.

SOLUTION: Catalogue and create storyboards, customer journey maps, service blueprints, and execution mechanics for all major activities - retail and online.

ROLE: UX design, UX research, journey mapping, storyboarding and retail customer service

đź”’ - work examples currently under non-disclosure agreements

Major League Baseball


Worked with Texas Rangers digital marketing team to optimize the overall performance of the Club's official website as it relates to increasing traffic, registered users and revenue generation.

ROLE: UI, UX, visual design, and sports marketing



Supported audience development efforts by making data-driven design decisions for the integrated marketing team in HarperCollins’ Children’s Books division.

ROLE: visual design, UI, branding, marketing, and book publishing